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Member Guidelines

Our mission is to provide a trusted platform where members work together to enhance the property related aspects of their lives.

We want all members to feel welcome, safe, and respected when using PropertyHeads. For that reason, we've developed a set of Member Guidelines describing what behaviours are – and are not – allowed on PropertyHeads. The crux of our Guidelines can be boiled down to one simple statement: Everyone here is a member of the PropertyHeads community. Please treat each other with respect.

We rely on you, the members who make up the PropertyHeads community, to report content that violates these Guidelines. Violating the Member Guidelines has consequences, which may include removal of content, suspension of posting privileges, or even a permanent ban from PropertyHeads. Because of the diversity of people on PropertyHeads, please keep in mind that while something may be disagreeable to you, it may not violate our Member Guidelines.

Be helpful, never hurtful

The heart and soul of PropertyHeads are the helpful conversations that happen between members. When conversations turn disagreeable, everyone on PropertyHeads suffers. For this reason, we may remove posts and comments that discriminate against, attack, shame, insult, bully, or belittle PropertyHeads members. Personal disputes may also be removed.


Disagreements and conflict

We encourage members to have conversations about the issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil, and builds community.

Don’t attack, berate, bully, belittle, insult, harass, threaten, troll, or swear at others or their views even if you really, really disagree with them. This includes communication within a group or via private message.

When conversations become heated, remember our overarching principle: "Everyone here is a member of the PropertyHeads community. Please treat each other with respect."

You can, of course, think what you like, but on PropertyHeads, conversations must remain civil. This is not always easy because we care passionately about the places we call home. If you are angry about something a member has said or done, take a deep breath, count to ten, and then come back to post something thoughtful and constructive.

If you have concerns about community moderation, for example, about why your content was reported or removed, do not post about it in the main newsfeed. Instead, contact us to learn about your options.

Public shaming

PropertyHeads is not a platform for publicly shaming other members. If you see a member doing something that concerns you, ask yourself, "Do I know who this person is, and could I contact them privately to resolve the issue?" If the answer is yes, then you should contact them directly and not post about it on PropertyHeads.

Please note: Criticizing a service provider because of a bad commercial interaction does not constitute public shaming (even if a specific person is identified) as long as the post is civil, describes the person's experience, and does not include libel or name calling.


Personal disputes and grievances

PropertyHeads is not a place for publicly resolving personal disputes and grievances. Use private messages to resolve personal disputes, or better yet, get together in person to resolve the matter amicably. 


Discrimination and hate speech

Ensure that all members feel welcome, safe, and respected. Hate speech is not allowed.

Do not make posts or comments that discriminate against, threaten, or insult groups, based on race, colour, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, veteran status or disability.

Do not promote the events or activities of hate groups or terrorist organizations.

Do not use derogatory racial terms or code words that insult or reduce one’s humanity.

Also, when describing people who are homeless or who have committed crimes, avoid inflammatory language (e.g. "scum" or "animals"). Keep in mind that everyone is someone’s son or daughter or sister or brother. 

Note that you may be asked to edit your remarks to remove language that members may reasonably find offensive. Again, we want everyone to feel welcome on PropertyHeads.


Don't use PropertyHeads as a soapbox

PropertyHeads is a communication platform that allows members to mobilize and get stuff done like never before. However, pet projects that are pushed too hard, political campaigning, and personal views on controversial, non-property issues will inevitably rub members the wrong way. We rely on our members to report those who are over-posting, campaigning, repeatedly posting, or ranting about controversial, non-property issues.


PropertyHeads is meant to be a place for friendly and constructive discussion. You are encouraged to post about topics that matter to you and rally members to take action, but please do so without ranting. 

How can you tell something is a rant? It is a message that makes members feel shouted at and usually includes a combination of the following: ALL CAPS, excessive punctuation, provocative language, judgmental accusations, or repetitive explanations.



Over-posting means repeatedly posting about the same topic in a way that annoys other members. Replying to your own post as a means of bumping it to the top of the newsfeed may be considered over-posting.

Over-posting may result in suspension of one's posting privileges. If someone is over-posting, you may report their content, and you may also mute them if you wish. 

Dominating or hijacking conversations

Research has shown that networks work best when conversations are not dominated by one or just a few voices. Regularly dominating conversations, shouting down others, or hijacking conversations to return to your issue is not acceptable behaviour on PropertyHeads. 


Controversial issues

As with all conversations on PropertyHeads, we encourage members to discuss issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil, and builds community. However, do not use PropertyHeads to air your personal views on non-property issues that are known to be highly controversial.

Our intent is that PropertyHeads be a place where members can discuss property issues that are important to them, but that these conversations remain civil and respectful. We recognize that property issues can be emotive and can also be divisive. PropertyHeads’s policies on disagreements and conflictdiscrimination and hate speech and over-posting always apply.


Politics and campaigning

Discussions of political issues that affect your property are an important part of building community, yet these conversations can often turn heated as they can bring out deeply held opposing views. We rely on every member to use their good judgment and restraint to keep such conversations productive.

Promote local business and commerce the right way

On PropertyHeads, we support local businesses and encourage members to share helpful information about their favourite businesses and services. We also encourage members to buy, sell, and give things away. PropertyHeads is actively working on solutions for local businesses to participate in their PropertyHeads network.

PropertyHeads members frequently want to know about businesses and services offered by their network, but do not want to be overwhelmed by unsolicited marketing offers. Therefore, the following rules apply for members wanting to participate as a business on PropertyHeads:


  • We encourage you to list your business or services on PropertyHeads. Business and service listings are a great way to get the word out to our members.

    • To list your business, you should create or claim your business page on PropertyHeads. This allows members to easily find your business when they’re looking for help or recommendations.

  • You may add your business affiliation to your personal profile.​

  • You may let your network know about job opportunities if the position is of particular relevance.

Not allowed:

  • You may not make unsolicited posts about your business or service in the main newsfeed or via private message.

  • You may not announce commercial events to the main newsfeed.

This entire guideline also applies to individuals who occasionally sell homemade or hobby goods, or who provide casual services for extra income.


Fundraising posts should be limited to causes that are explicitly relevant to your network. Do not use PropertyHeads to promote fundraisers for non-property causes or for people outside of the network. Of course, our Guidelines on over-posting apply. 


Conflicts of interest

Recommending local businesses and services you love is a wonderful thing to do on PropertyHeads. Your network will thank you and you will be helping to build a more enjoyable community for all. However, the integrity of your recommendations is key – and it is important to be transparent and disclose any conflicts of interest. Your honesty protects your good name in your community and ensures that the quality of the recommendations on PropertyHeads are authentic.


  • If you write a recommendation for a friend’s or relative's business, or businesses in your networking group, please disclose your relationship to that business or person. 

  • You must disclose any financial interest, such as being an owner or investor of the business you are recommending. See also our policy on promoting your business or service.

  • Do not recommend a business, service, or product if you have received any form of payment in return for writing a recommendation.

  • Do not write negative comments where you have a conflict of interest. For example, posting negative or false statements about competitors in your industry.

Use your true identity

PropertyHeads is a network for you and other people and businesses with an interest in property. To that end, using your true identity and honestly representing yourself are key parts of being a PropertyHeads member.


Real names

PropertyHeads' Member Agreement requires that every member use their full, real name on PropertyHeads.

By real name, we mean the first name that you use when introducing yourself to friends and colleagues and your legal last name.

Not Allowed: 

  • Listing the name of your business or organization. Business and service information should be added to your PropertyHeads profile.

  • Including professional titles. Professional information should be added to your profile.

  • Adding educational degrees

  • Emoji

  • Using initials or an abbreviated version of your last name is always prohibited 


Your profile and photo

One of PropertyHeads’ goals is to encourage more connections between members in real life. That's why adding your profile photo and completing your profile are so important.

Sharing a recent photo and information about yourself on your profile helps strengthen these connections and builds a sense of community. This also helps members connect you to your presence on PropertyHeads when they encounter you in real life. 

  • We recognize that for different reasons, some people are uncomfortable sharing a photo of themselves. It is all right to upload an alternative, representative image as long as it is appropriate for a general audience, not promotional or offensive, and you have the rights to post the image.

  • PropertyHeads reserves the right to remove profile photos that members find intimidating, offensive, or inappropriate.

  • Many profile fields are optional. You may post only information that you are comfortable sharing. No one will be removed from PropertyHeads for not posting a profile photo or for not completing their profile, but it's appreciated if you can add as much information to your profile as you feel comfortable sharing. 


Joining as a couple

We have found that members strongly prefer when they know exactly who they are communicating with rather than having to guess which half of a couple posted a message or is reading their replies. Spouses are encouraged to create individual accounts rather than share a single membership.

However, while your network may prefer that you create two separate accounts, it is not required. We do not plan to remove members who do not follow this guideline, as long as the first and last names of both account owners who are posting are listed on the account.

Keep it clean and legal

Keep all content and activity family-friendly, legal, and adhere to our rules about regulated goods and services.


Illegal and regulated goods and services

We prohibit the selling, soliciting, or offering of any illegal goods or services. ​If you believe that posts in your network violate this guideline, please contact the relevant local authorities.

We also prohibit all purchase, sale, trade, or distribution of prescription drugs, marijuana, firearms (guns) or ammunition, alcohol, tobacco, or adult products. 

We prohibit pornography and regulated activities, such as prostitution and gambling.

Violations of privacy

Do not post private information without permission.


  • The content of private messages sent through PropertyHeads

  • Non-public legal documents

  • Personal contact or account information, such as email addresses, credit cards, or bank information

  • A person’s legal or medical history,

Notable allowed exceptions:

  • Contact information when recommending someone’s services. However, if you post someone’s personal email addresses, phone number, or physical address and they request that it be removed, we may remove it.

  • Posting photos of people in public places is allowed. However, if a parent or guardian requests that a photo of a minor be removed from PropertyHeads, we may remove it.


Threats to the safety of others

Threatening someone’s physical safety is prohibited on PropertyHeads. If you believe that your physical safety or the safety of another person is at risk, please call 999 or contact the relevant local authorities.

If PropertyHeads is contacted regarding imminent danger to a person's safety, we may also report that concern to the relevant authorities. However, contacting PropertyHeads is not a substitute for reporting your safety issue to the relevant authorities.



Do not use profanity. Cursing is not necessary and may offend some of your network.


Fraud and spam

Fraudulent content, phishing, or content we deem to be spam is not permitted.