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PropertyHeads is the only way to rapidly identify the builders and other tradesmen known and trusted by your existing friends and connections. Everybody knows that word-of-mouth recommendation is best, but until PropertyHeads nobody had built this into a website. Try it now

Our Tradesmen Blacklist is a further tool to help our users identify the tradesmen they want to work with - or not! It is the only database of UK tradesmen that have been convicted of a relevant offence. Everybody should check the Tradesmen Blacklist as part of the background checks they do before they hire a tradesman. It should massively reduce the instances of rogue tradesmen and Cowboy Builders preying on members of the public.

Know a rogue tradesman that should be added to the Blacklist? Let us know

Disclaimer. The Tradesmen Blacklist is a list of individuals and companies involved in property trades that are believed to have been convicted of a crime in the UK. The information contained in the Blacklist is sourced from a variety of third parties and makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. The Blacklist is for information purposes only. If you believe you or your company has been included on the Blacklist in error you can request to be removed.