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Make your property dreams come true

We have re-invented how people connect and collaborate with estate agents, tradesmen and others for all things property

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Ten great reasons everybody is joining PropertyHeads :


Get notified of new properties before they appear on the market

It’s well known that the best properties are taken before they even hit the traditional property search websites. Use PropertyHeads to network with local agents, and get the inside track on new properties coming to market.


Sell or rent your property faster, at a higher price, and with greater certainty

If you’re selling/renting a property, PropertyHeads gives you access to both a wider audience and a more localised and tailored audience. Link social content (owner insights, photos, videos) to the property listing to make it more attractive. Use PropertyHeads Deal Group and Deal Chain technology to improve communication and counterparty responsiveness when buying and selling.


Find local tradesmen through your trusted network rather than by anonymous ratings

Ever wondered who posts all those five star tradesmen reviews on the internet? Or whether the really good companies aren’t too busy to bother with comparison sites? PropertyHeads allows you to search for businesses known by your friends and neighbours and get references you trust.


Be inspired by leading interior designers, architects, builders and investors

At PropertyHeads we have leaders in all aspects of the property industry that are keen to share their work with you. You can learn the latest trends from our esteemed interior designers, or you can copy the property investment strategies of our experts, simply follow the Influencers that interest you.


Share your interior design, new kitchen, property renovations etc with friends

Now you can show off your sleek new designer kitchen and your sultry new bedroom décor without needing to have all your friends over for a party.


View and comment on what your friends are doing to their homes

Network with friends and colleagues


Get property news tailored to your interests, situation and location

Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned property professional, and whether you have an interest in modern architecture or celebrity dream homes we will tailor your news feed to suit you. We also carry exclusive local property news about your town.


Save money on your mortgage, moving costs, insurance, utilities?

Property is expensive! At PropertyHeads our members can benefit from the combined purchasing power of our community, gain access to exclusive deals, get expert advice on which product/service is right for you. We offer a lot more than a bunch of price comparison tables.


Get access to exclusive property investments

We partner with leading property investment firms to bring you a range of investment opportunities ranging from £100 ISA eligible share schemes, right up to multi-million Pound off-market commercial property investments.


Reduce delays in securing rental properties and finding tenants.

Use the Property History section of your PropertyHeads profile to form a large part of your tenant reference. Also you can get reviews of your potential landlord in the same way.

Whether you are looking for a new home, a builder your friends trust, or to save money on your household bills - PropertyHeads has the solution.

Ten great reasons everybody is joining PropertyHeads :

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