A Guide to Garage Conversions: costs and ideas

A Guide to Garage Conversions: costs and ideas

Unlocking the Secrets of Garage Conversions: Your Ultimate Guide

Yearning for more space without the headaches of building an extension? Look no further than the magic of garage conversions – the cost-effective, hassle-free solution to transform your home. Say goodbye to the lengthy dance of planning permissions that extensions often demand and bid adieu to the sacrifice of precious garden space that accompanies a kitchen extension. And guess what? If you're blessed with a double garage, fear not – you can have your cake and eat it too by converting only half the space.

It's not just about gaining an extra room; it's an investment that can elevate your home's value. From a sleek new kitchen to a zen-like gym, or perhaps a haven for little ones or guests, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of garage conversions, providing you with insights on creating valuable living spaces and offering a treasure trove of ideas on how to make the most of your dazzling new room. Your journey to a transformed home begins here!

How to convert a garage into a room

So how do you convert a garage into a room?

  1. Once you have a solid plan in place for the design of the room, covering everything from how you will heat the new room, to whether you wish to add new windows, you will want to get in touch with your local council to check whether there are any planning permissions or building regulations that apply to your conversion. It is unlikely that there will be, but it is a formality that will ensure that your build is legally sound from the outset.

  • With everything ready to go, your conversion will begin with turning your garage into a warm and well-insulated room. From the walls to the windows, the insulation of your garage conversion alongside the removal of the garage door is an important step because garage walls are usually built without any insulation.

To ensure that your finished room is warm and cosy, pay particular attention to insulation of the outside walls (when decorating the room later, it is a good idea not to position beds against these walls). The type of insulation that you choose will be largely determined by the garage that you have. The most common forms of insulation are insulated plasterboard or the use of a timber frame system between the studs and plasterboard if the walls are uneven.

  • Next, the hanging of drywall will bring your new room to life. Once properly installed, the drywall will be sanded, primed and painted.

  • With the walls in place, it will be time to install the flooring. If you choose to lay carpet, ensure that it is has thick padding to combat the cold, hard surface of your former garage floor. Similarly, if you decide to tile the floor, think about underfloor heating as an effective and streamlined way to ensure that the room stays warm and cosy.

  • And that’s it. You now have the beginnings of a new bedroom, gym, playroom, office or another living space for the family to enjoy. All that’s left to do is to decorate it and fill it with complementary décor. Remember that outlets are often located along common interior walls, so you will want to think about where you place furniture in those locations.

Garage conversion costs

How much does a UK garage conversion cost? All of this work can be carried out at an average cost of around £6500 - £15,000 for a UK garage conversion.  1

One of the biggest factors that will affect the final cost of the work is the type and size of garage that you have. For example, a detached garage is more expensive to convert than an integral garage that is built within the walls of your home.

The reason for this difference is that converting a detached garage will require the reinforcement or insulation of the outer walls. In addition, if you have a flat roof, it may need to be converted to a pitched roof. Similarly, a detached garage is the most expensive garage conversion, because it might be necessary to add an additional wall to each side, convert a flat roof to a pitched roof and install piping for fresh and waste water.

Other elements that will affect your final costs include things like: the type of flooring and insulation that you choose, how many windows you plan to install, whether you will need to knock through from your home into the garage to create an extension or if decide to employ an architect (although not essential, it is an option that some people desire).

A really basic UK garage conversion can be done for as little as £5000. It really depends on the finish that you need and how you want to use the converted space.

Planning permissions and building regulations for garage conversions

Planning permission:

Do you need planning permission to convert a garage? For most of us, unless enlarging your home, this is an internal renovation, so you are unlikely to need planning permission to turn a garage into a room. However, it is necessary for anyone who is considering turning their garage into a new room to contact their local council before any work begins.

The reason for this is that as well as double checking about any planning permissions, there may be building regulations that need to be followed, or from time to time, complications from the removal of permitted development rights in the past (the removal of permitted development rights will mean that you will need planning permission for the work). It is a simple step, that will ensure that your new build is lawful – a much easier route than encountering legal issues later on down the line.

If your home is within a conservation area, a listed building, on a housing estate or part of a new housing development then you may find that there are some permissions to obtain. If you plan to use your conversion to create an additional home, regardless of whom will live there, you are likely to need planning permission for the work.

Building regulations:

Are there building regulations for garage conversions? Expect to encounter some building regulations approval to ensure that your renovation meets the required standards of UK building regulations. These statutory requirements will cover things like the installation of doors and windows, fitting adequate drainage, proper removal of internal walls and the installation of electrical outlets. For further information visit: planningportal.co.uk/garageconversion

Benefits of garage conversions

Why get a garage conversion? The most popular reason for a garage conversion is that it is one of the top ways to easily add more space to your home without the need to move or spend lots of money. With space at a premium in the UK and most families unable to afford to move to a bigger home, garage conversions are a convenient and economical way to add more living space.

Garages offer a ready-to-use blank canvas of possibilities, so it is easy to turn your storage room into a stunning new kitchen, gym, playroom or office at a fraction of the price and hassle of an extension.

UK garage conversions come in at around half the cost of an extension2 and can add around 10% 3 to the value of your home when you are ready to sell. So it is an investment that will deliver a range of benefits to you and your family in the long run.

The best conversions are a bright, seamless, light-filled addition to your home. So the top tips for creating the best garage conversions are to ensure that any connecting brickwork and floors are invisibly joined together to create a space that flows smoothly from the main building into the conversion. Secondly, make the most of floor space and maximise window capacities to create a spacious and airy room.  All this of course, is subject to any planning permissions that may be in place, so remember to check with your local council before making any firm plans.

Garage conversion ideas

Top ideas for how you can use your new garage conversion?

  1. Kitchen-diner extensions are the home renovation. Today we want kitchen-diner living spaces that we can dine, entertain and relax in. Why not extend your kitchen into your garage and create a huge area that you can cook, eat, chill and entertain in?

  • Man-cave/ bar: If you need a bolt-hole for the grown ups, then a man-cave/ bar may be just what you need from your garage conversion. With space for a bar, pool table, gaming and relaxing, this is the tranquil spot that you have always wanted.

  • Home-office: Forget the end of the garden, these days you can use your garage conversion to work from home in style. Warm and cosy all year round, and just close enough to put the kettle on or keep an eye on things within the home, this is the perfect use for your garage conversion.

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