Checklist For Buying a House You Want To Extend

Checklist For Buying a House You Want To Extend

Hey Future Homeowners! Dreaming of a home that you can truly make your own? The possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to extending and expanding your new abode. Lucky for you, the property aficionados at PropertyHeads have put together an essential checklist to ensure you're well-equipped for this exciting journey. Whether you're craving more space, stepping onto the property ladder, or just eager to exercise your creative muscles by extending a house, we've got your back. Let's dive in!

Navigating the Maze of Jargon: Permitted Development Rights Unveiled

Let's face it, the world of property and development can be a linguistic labyrinth. Fear not! We're here to unravel the mysteries of jargon and guide you through the essentials. Enter the stage, Permitted Development Rights – the golden ticket that lets you extend or renovate your home without the headache of a full planning application. Thanks to The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, some extensions can gracefully sidestep the planning permission hoopla.

But, and there's always a but, it's crucial to understand that the eligibility of your extension depends on factors such as its size, location, and the nod of approval from the local planning authority.

Demystifying the Criteria: When No Planning Permission is Needed

In the realm of permitted development, ignorance is not bliss. Here's the lowdown on when planning permission takes a back seat:

  1. Land Coverage: Your extension shouldn't cloak more than half the original land.

  2. Front-Facing Finesse: No extensions at the front, please.

  3. Reaching New Heights: Keep your extension below the highest part of the roof.

  4. Single-Storey Sensibility: If it's a lone ranger at the back, stay within 3m of the original rear wall.

  5. Height Harmony: Single-storey and less than 4m in height – a rule worth remembering.

  6. Two-Storey Tact: For a double-decker, don't exceed 7m at the rear boundary or 3m past the rear wall.

  7. Material Matters: Match the extension's materials with the existing house for a harmonious aesthetic.

  8. No Balconies or Platforms: Sorry, no elevated soirées on your extended paradise.

In 2021, the permitted development scheme spread its wings, embracing larger projects for home improvement. Flexibility is the name of the game, but remember, rules are rules, even in the world of property play.

Permitted Development Rights: Your Passport to Home Enhancement

Now, you might be wondering, "What's covered if I'm in the market for a new home?" While you're entitled to these development rights, a few caveats still apply. Design guidelines remain crucial, and that's where the expertise of an experienced architect can be your secret weapon in planning the perfect extension.

Here’s our checklist for using your permitted developments rights lawfully: Obtain a lawful development certificate First and foremost it is essential that you obtain a lawful development certificate. This certificate will prove that your project is within law at the point of construction. It’s also a highly useful way to ensure that your local planning department are in a position to review your own or your architect’s extension designs.

Many potential buyers request documentation regarding home improvements made, so this is a useful certificate to present should you wish to put the property back onto the market. Have a building regulations package ready Every home across the U.K. must adhere the building regulations that are set out by law.

These statutory requirements cover every aspect of planning from thermal performance to fire safety. Without this package to present, you won’t be able to extend your property. By making sure your project is within the building regulations set out by the U.K. government, it is imperative to commission technical drawings of your building plans. This enables your contractor to meet all of the legal requirements as per the regulations set out.

Predicting Planning Issues It is a good idea that if you are buying property with the intention to extend to think ahead. What we mean by this is predicting any planning issues that may arise and coming up with a solution before they do.

Buying a home can be a stressful endeavour and when you add extending a property into the mix, things can get very challenging. Therefore, we recommend contacting the planning department of the local council in the area to discuss your plans. They will also be able to provide free pre-planning advice which is likely to be very useful.

Provided by the planning department without prejudice, you won’t face any legal implications if your formal planning plan doesn’t get accepted. Your Planning Permission Options When Buying A Property If you are buying a property that you wish to extend, you have two options for planning permission applications. Below, we’ve covered both to give you an idea of how each option works:

Choose an immediate application for planning permission If you wish to buy a property with the plan to extend it, you can make a planning permission application once your offer for the property has been accepted. However, it can be difficult to acquire the information needed to submit the planning permission application so quickly, so do consider this. Offer to buy subject to planning permission being granted Another option is to put an offer in for the property dependent on the planning permission being granted to you. This option is lower risk as you won’t be purchasing the property until you know whether you can extend.

A Final Note On Buying A Property To Extend If you are looking for specialist help in the area of buying a property with the wish to extend, PropertyHeads can help. We work closely with buyers to ensure that they are offered the best properties on the market that can be extended. No matter whether you’re looking for a house you can transform into your dream family home or you’re a property developer, our agents are available to discuss your requirements and present you with great properties. Contact us today to get started and see how we can help.

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