Thousands in Your Pocket: London Renters, Check Your Property License!

Thousands in Your Pocket: London Renters, Check Your Property License!

Big news for London renters! Money-saving expert Martin Lewis just dropped a bombshell: you could be owed thousands of pounds from your landlord if your property isn't properly licensed.

Yes, you read that right. Up to 12 months' rent in your pocket!

Here's why:

  • Proper licensing ensures your home meets safety and quality standards.

  • But if it's unlicensed, any eviction notice is invalid! You have extra security as a tenant.

  • And the best part? You can claim a rent repayment order!

Just head to and enter your address. It's that easy!

But Lewis's wisdom doesn't stop there:

Boost your credit score: Paying rent on time builds a good credit history, making getting a mortgage cheaper and easier. Plus, consider rent reporting services to automatically track your payments.

Mortgage magic: Buying a home? Lewis has 3 key tips:

  • Credit clean-up: Check your credit reports for errors and fix them. Even small mistakes can hurt your score!

  • Frugal power: New lenders stress test your finances. Show them you're responsible by cutting unnecessary expenses and building savings.

  • Broker benefits: Mortgage brokers have hidden deals and insider knowledge. They can save you money and secure the best terms!

Remember, London renters, knowledge is power! Checking your license, building your credit score, and understanding your rights can unlock a brighter future. Don't wait – take action and claim what you're owed!

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Added: January 26, 2024 09:59:45