Proceedable Buyers - How to get on the Estate Agent

Proceedable Buyers - How to get on the Estate Agent's Hot Buyers List

Let's clear the air right from the start – the estate agent is firmly in the vendor's corner, not yours, dear homebuyer.

Sure, you're a crucial player in the home-buying spectacle, but let's be crystal clear – the estate agent's loyalty lies with the one selling, not the one buying. It's not your pockets they're lining with their fees, even though it's your hard-earned money that's making the transaction tick.

In the estate agent's playbook, property is a sales game, and they're sprinting for the finish line with speed on their minds. Hesitant buyers? Not their cup of tea. They're looking for the express route to a signed deal.

But fear not, intrepid house hunter, for there's a way to win them over to your side. Picture it as a strategic dance – you want the house, they have the keys, and it's time to schmooze like you've never schmoozed before.

Enter PropertyHeads, your trusty guide in this real estate tango. We're here to spill the secrets on how to not just get on but dominate the estate agent's Hot Buyers List. And for those moments when the charm offensive might not be enough, we've got your back with alternative plays. So, lace up those negotiation shoes, and let's waltz our way to your dream home!

The Hot Buyers List

The estate agent’s Hot Buyers List – also referred to as the list of Premium Buyers, Preferred Buyers, Serious Buyers and Proceedable Buyers - is quite simply a list of buyers who are serious about buying a house.

- They have their finances in order.

- They know what they’re looking for.

- They have sold their property and are pretty much chain free.

- Essentially they are good to go, NOW!

If you want to be first in the queue for that dream house, you want to be considered one of these proceedable buyers.

So how do you achieve this status?

1. Do your homework thoroughly beforehand.

An estate agent will want buyers to demonstrate that they know what they want as this shows you will have the conviction to proceed when that ideal home does come along. You should know the attributes of a property that are most important to you, and have an area in mind (but are also open to looking outside this too) that you would like to move to.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Location, Location, Location you would have heard Kirsty Allsop drone on about the need to compromise, and not only is this true, showing the estate agent you are willing to compromise also gives them a signal that you are you are a serious buyer.

2. Visit the estate agents personally.

Don’t just phone up and enquire, or send an email. A real human connection can go a long way to building trust and establishing a relationship.

If you can make the effort to traipse on down and introduce yourself and show willing, you will put yourself ahead of other potential buyers.

Always be polite and courteous, you want to create a great first impression - the estate agent is the gatekeeper to the vendor, keep them sweet and they can put in a good word for you.

Click here to search for estate agents in your preferred area.

3. Connect with the estate agent on PropertyHeads

Another great way to develop that human connection is to connect with the estate agent on PropertyHeads’ social network. Then you can both engage with their content and demonstrate your credentials as a Serious Buyer with your own timeline activities. AND, if you’re lucky enough, some of the estate agents will even go so far as to inform their PropertyHeads networks about "early bird" properties - those little gems that aren’t available on the open market yet.

4. Get your ducks in a row.

Before you start doing any of the above, or at least do it simultaneously, get your admin sorted out. PropertyHeads Move Planner is checklist of all the tasks you need to complete for a smooth home move, it contains useful links to the people and services that can help you at every step of the move.

Estate agents want fast sales, buyers who can provide quick turnarounds make their day.

If you can, let the estate agent know:

- You have all your finances in place, especially if you’re a first time buyer. And be willing to share you mortgage in principle paper work if necessary

- That your chain free or that you’re well advanced in the selling process of your existing home.

- If you’re renting what notice you have to give your landlord.

- How quickly you can move in after exchange.

- Your availability for potential viewings.

- That you have a solicitor ready to act.

- Your list of requirements (but that you are prepared to compromise if necessary).

By far the most important is to get your finances in place – without knowing how much you can borrow, you can’t know what your budget is – and this will be the FIRST question an estate agent asks! If you haven’t already spoken to a mortgage broker PropertyHeads can help.

5. Communication, communication, communication.

By which we mean pick up your phone or answer your emails. Don’t go radio silent on the estate agent or you will be dropped faster than GCSE French.

PropertyHeads has a fab little tool for communicating with estate agents: the InstantAgent messenger. Now, if you’ve ever had to wait for ages for a reply from an estate agent via another property portal, you will know how frustrating it is, watching your dream home slip out of reach because your message either didn’t get through, or it got sent to junk mail. Not this time. InstantAgent messaging bypasses the need for tediously slow communications; it is Whatsapp for the property market, your instant link to the estate agent.

Follow up every meeting, viewing, phone conversation with a polite thank you email or note. It not only makes you look like a nice person, it also draws you to the front of their mind, so when something pops up that matches your requirement (or not, but they think you might be interested), you are the first one they call on.

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