The Top 10 Coastal Towns To Live In With a Beach

The Top 10 Coastal Towns To Live In With a Beach

Who hasn’t dreamt of living by the sea? The fresh salty air, scenic views, and walks along the sand are just a few temptations of coastal towns.

However, finding the right coastal town to call home isn’t always as simple as admiring the pros of coastal life. In this article, we take a look at the top 10 coastal towns in the U.K to live in.

From ensuring that the properties are affordable to measuring up local amenities, there’s plenty to consider before making the big move to be next to the big blue sea.

1. Margate, Kent

Welcome to the delightful coastal gem of Margate, nestled in the heart of Kent! This charming town not only boasts a postcard-worthy seaside location but also takes the crown as one of the most pocket-friendly coastal havens in the U.K. Margate effortlessly marries the quintessential English coastal holiday vibe with a modern, artsy flair that appeals to everyone from solo adventurers to lovebirds and bustling families.

Voted as one of the top places to hang your hat in the country, Margate is a sweet spot where tradition meets trend. Living here means you get the best of both worlds – a splash of the classic seaside experience blended seamlessly with a vibrant contemporary culture. And let's talk affordability; Margate stands out as a budget-friendly choice when compared to other sought-after locales. But don't let the modest price tag fool you – this town is anything but short on amenities.

Picture this: cinemas that beckon you with the latest blockbusters, galleries that celebrate local artistry, and a plethora of charming shops and eateries that promise delightful strolls if the beach isn't calling your name. Whether you're in the market to buy or looking to rent, Margate offers both options with a side of financial wiggle room, leaving you with a tidy sum to indulge in your heart's desires.

Living and working in Margate isn't just a choice; it's an experience tailored for those seeking the timeless charm of an English coastal town. Plus, did we mention the sea views? They're practically a local landmark themselves! So, if you're ready to dive into a world where affordability meets coastal allure, Margate is your ticket to a home that's as charming as it is cost-effective.

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2. Torquay, Devon

Step into the coastal embrace of Torquay, nestled in the beauty of Devon! If you're in the market for an affordable, serene, and family-friendly haven with the added bonus of a fabulous beach, then Torquay is where your property dreams set sail.

Torquay isn't just a town; it's a coastal daydream with a delectable foodie scene and a community vibe that feels like one big, happy beachside family. Fondly known as the English Riviera, this town beckons with a charm that has folks packing their bags and making Torquay their forever home.

The weather here? Think mild Mediterranean vibes, especially during the summer—it's no wonder Torquay has clinched a spot on the top 10 must-visit places, courtesy of TripAdvisor and other savvy travel companies.

Now, let's talk property. Whether you're in the market to buy or looking for the perfect rental spot, Torquay's got you covered. And here's the kicker – when it comes to affordability, Torquay triumphs over similar-sized coastal companions like Plymouth. Your wallet will thank you for choosing Torquay as your coastal sanctuary. So, if a blend of affordability, community spirit, and beachside bliss sound like your kind of living, Torquay is waving you in with open arms.

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3. Tenby, Wales

Welcome to the enchanting seaside treasure that is Tenby, nestled in the heart of Wales! Steeped in history dating back to the 13th century, this town is like a time capsule bursting with tales of yore, featuring a picturesque harbour that continues to charm residents to this day.

Picture this: vast stretches of sandy coastline inviting you to embrace a life of serene tranquillity. Tenby is not just a town; it's a historical haven that has earned its stripes, even making appearances on a few property-based programs, steadily climbing the charts as a sought-after residence.

Don't let its modest size fool you—Tenby packs a punch when it comes to amenities. The town strikes a perfect balance between the hustle and bustle of daily life and the soothing embrace of peace. From charming shops to delightful eateries and bars, Tenby ensures you won't be left wanting for leisure options.

While Tenby often draws comparisons to the scenic beauty of Cornwall, here's the delightful twist – buyers and renters discover that Tenby offers far more bang for their buck! So, if you're yearning for a slice of coastal history, a dash of tranquillity, and a wallet-friendly deal that outshines the competition, Tenby is your ticket to seaside living at its finest.

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4. Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Welcome to the delightful Southend-on-Sea – where the sun, sea, and a sprinkle of British charm come together like the perfect property cocktail!

Nestled by the waves, this seaside gem offers more than just fairgrounds and fish and chips; it's a haven for those seeking a relaxed coastal lifestyle. Despite its summertime hustle and bustle, the town transforms into a tranquil retreat for the rest of the year, making it an ideal spot to call home.

Imagine waking up to the sound of seagulls and the smell of saltwater – that's the everyday magic of Southend-on-Sea. With its impressive beaches, the iconic Southend Pier, and a generous dose of British heritage, every day feels like a holiday. And fear not, property hunters, because finding your dream home won't break the bank. Despite the growing interest in this coastal haven, property prices remain refreshingly affordable.

So, whether you're drawn to charming cottages, modern beachfront apartments, or perhaps a stylish seaside bungalow, Southend-on-Sea has something to suit every taste. Don't miss out on making memories in this coastal wonderland, where the property dreams are as endless as the shoreline!

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5. Whitby, North Yorkshire

Step into the whimsical world of Whitby, where history, charm, and the best chippies in the country create the perfect recipe for coastal living!

This town may be pint-sized compared to its coastal counterparts, but don't let that fool you – Whitby packs a punch of character. Stroll through the welcoming town center with its quirky historical heritage, and you'll soon realize why living here is like stepping into a storybook.

Nestled against the backdrop of stunning Yorkshire scenery, Whitby is a haven for those seeking a cosy community vibe. Worried about size? Fear not! Despite its small stature, Whitby offers a warm embrace from locals and a treasure trove of affordable properties waiting to be discovered.

Whether you're a couple yearning for a charming seaside flat with waves practically at your doorstep or a family in search of a new nest, Whitby caters to all. Dive into the array of properties this town has to offer, and you might just find yourself falling in love with a piece of history. From quaint cottages to time-honoured homes, Whitby's real estate scene is as diverse as its seaside charm.

So, why wait? Take a stroll through Whitby's property offerings, and let this enchanting coastal town be the backdrop to your next chapter!

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6. Cardiff, Wales

Welcome to Cardiff, the lively capital of Wales and a coastal gem that stands out among the best seaside towns in the UK. For those who cherish nature, Cardiff is an ideal location. It may be a tad larger than your average town, but it maintains the intimate feel of a smaller-scaled city.

Explore Cardiff effortlessly on foot, where every step reveals a plethora of things to do, see, and enjoy. Renowned as one of the most sociable cities in the country, Cardiff is a magnet for younger professionals, couples, and families, ensuring a vibrant community spirit.

While Cardiff's property scene is in high demand, fear not! Whether you're buying or renting, fantastic deals are still within reach. Boasting excellent schools and an abundance of amenities, Cardiff isn't just a solid coastal town; it's a dynamic city by the sea with the added bonus of a beautiful beach waiting to be discovered!

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7. Eastbourne, Sussex

Welcome to Eastbourne, officially crowned as one of the happiest towns in the country – and it's not just the upbeat atmosphere that'll capture your heart. Eastbourne beckons with a diverse array of fantastic properties, all at prices that won't break the bank, making it the perfect destination for anyone eyeing a change of scenery.

This well-policed, community-oriented coastal town can be summed up in one word – wonderful. Bursting at the seams with cultural attractions and boasting the iconic Beachy Head, Eastbourne strikes the perfect balance between lively energy and a quieter, more relaxed side.

Picture-perfect seaside views, charming neighbourhoods, and an overall welcoming vibe have earned Eastbourne a special place in our hearts as one of our favorite coastal towns. If the call of the seaside is ringing in your ears, take a peek at Eastbourne's properties to discover the fantastic value waiting for you. It might just be the coastal haven you've been dreaming of!

Houses for sale in Eastbourne, Sussex

8. Salcombe, Devon

Nestled along the enchanting coastline of Devon, Salcombe emerges as a charming coastal haven, a well-kept secret along one of the most picturesque stretches of shoreline. With its designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Salcombe is a true gem, boasting breath-taking views and rolling hills that paint a mesmerizing tapestry across the surrounding countryside.

Salcombe doesn't just excel in its location; it's a canvas of dreamy properties that captivate the imagination. As you explore the real estate offerings in this coastal town, you'll find a variety of beautiful homes that seem plucked from a storybook. Granted, the allure of Salcombe comes with a price tag reflecting its stunning setting, placing properties in the higher echelons of affordability. However, for those with a discerning taste and a budget that allows, investing in the magic of Salcombe is an experience that promises unparalleled coastal living.

Consider Salcombe not just as a place to live but as an immersive lifestyle where every waking moment is adorned with the beauty of the sea, the tranquility of the countryside, and the charm of a community that understands the value of such a rare find. Delve into the possibilities, and you may discover that Salcombe is not just a location; it's an invitation to indulge in the coastal luxury you've always dreamed of.

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9. Llandudno, Wales
If you’re looking to live a lifestyle that consists of tranquillity and happiness, Llandudno may well be your ticket. Surrounded by beautiful scenes of the Welsh coastline and many smaller villages, Llandudno offers so much to its residents.

Dating back to the Victorian era, this popular seaside resort town is now a haven for those looking to escape living in busier cities. Property prices in Llandudno are variable and over recent years property prices have increased due to popularity.

However, with the right estate agent on your side, it is possible to find an affordable new home in the peaceful town of Llandudno!

Houses for sale in Llandudno, Clwyd

10. Bournemouth, Hampshire

Now, let's dive into the enticing coastal embrace of Bournemouth, our final destination for seaside living with a beach. While this southern gem might already be on your radar, have you ever pondered the possibility of making it your permanent residence? Allow us to paint a more detailed picture of why Bournemouth could be the idyllic setting for your next chapter.

Bournemouth, perched at the southern tip of the country, extends a lifestyle that's nothing short of excellent for its residents. Positioned to catch more hours of sun than any other coastal locale in the U.K., this sunny haven promises a daily dose of Vitamin D. But the appeal of Bournemouth goes beyond the weather – it boasts award-winning beaches, a wealth of amenities, and a thriving property market that opens doors to a variety of housing options.

In the heart of the town, a bustling town centre pulsates with life, offering an array of shops, eateries, and entertainment. For families, the presence of lovely schools ensures that educational needs are met with excellence. Bournemouth, being the vibrant coastal town that it is, hosts a myriad of exciting events throughout the year, injecting a perpetual sense of excitement into the community.

So, imagine a life where each day begins with the sun kissing the shores of award-winning beaches, where the town thrives with activity, and where a range of housing options cater to your every need. Bournemouth, with its inviting ambiance and coastal allure, stands tall as the ideal destination to call home. Don't just visit – consider making Bournemouth the backdrop to your everyday adventures.

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Whether you’re looking to relocate in the near future or you’re simply curious to learn more about the properties available in any of the locations above, contact us today!

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